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CIC Research Network Meeting

Experiences of Discrimination: The Impact of Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan Locations
Valerie Preston ~ York University
Brian Ray ~ University of Ottawa - February 26, 2009

Settlement issues among immigrant and refugee children/youth in Newfoundland
Lloydetta Quaicoe – Sharing Our Cultures - January 22, 2009

Uses and Abuses of Public Opinion Surveying on Issues of Identity
Jack Jedwab – Association for Canadian Studies - November 6, 2008

Breakfast on the Hill Series

"Political Minefields: Religion in post-secular society",
Paul Bramadat [12/03/09] - Presentation

"MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL: Are any elected bodies representative at all?",
Caroline Andrew [28/02/08] - Presentation, Slides

"Immigration in Canada’s regions: is political will enough?",
Michèle Vatz Laaroussi [27/03/07] - Presentation, Slides

"Policing the "Usual Suspects": Evidence, Consequences and Policy Implications of Racial Profile in Canada",
Scot Wortley [08/06/06] - Presentation

"Sustaining Canada's Multicultural Cities - Learning from the Local",
Leonie Sandercock [24/02/04] - Presentation

"A Professional Ethics for Politicians?",
Daniel Weinstock [31/10/02] - Presentation

Armchair Discussions

“Immigrant Voting Rights: Time for ‘Urban Citizenship’?
Myer Siemiatycki ~ Ryerson University – October 29, 2009

Does Geography Matter? Immigrants' Experiences of Discrimination in Canada's Gateway Cities
Valerie Preston ~ York University - September 24, 2009
Presentation, Video (62 mb)

Multiculturalism and Social Cohesion: Potentials and Challenges of Diversity
Jeffrey Reitz ~ University of Toronto - June 11, 2009
Video (87 mb)

Recruiting "Human Talents": Lessons for Canadian Policy-Makers
David Ley ~ University of British Columbia - May 21, 2009
Presentation, Video (62 mb)

The Theory and Practice of Citizenship in the 21st Century: A Few International Trends
Daniel Weinstock ~ University of Montreal - March 12, 2009
Video (69 mb)

How Strangers Become Neighbours: Integrating Immigrants through Community Development
Leonie Sandercock ~ University of British Columbia - March 5, 2009
Part 1 (50 mb), Part 2 (56 mb), Part 3 (48 mb), Part 4 (51 mb)

A New Environment for Canada's Immigration Policy
Demetrios Papademetriou ~ Migration Policy Institute - February 19, 2009
Part 1 (66 mb) , Part 2 (66 mb), Part 3 (63 mb), Part 4 (71 mb), Part 5 (34 mb)

The Other Economic Question: Immigration's Impact on the Economy
Arthur Sweetman ~ Director of the School of Policy Studies at Queen's University - December 11, 2008
Part 1 (68 mb), Part 2 (80 mb), Part 3 (90 mb), Part 4 (73 mb)

Human Rights Concerns: Comparing Perception with Realities in Canada and Europe
Jack Jedwab ~ Association for Canadian Studies - November 6, 2008
Presentation, Part 1 (43 mb), Part 2 (50 mb), Part 3 (67 mb), Part 4 (53 mb)

New Challenges in International Refugee Protection: Canada's Role
James Milner ~ Department of Political Science, Carleton University - October 9, 2008
Presentation  Document /  Video 1 (43 mb), Video 2 (31 mb)

The Immigration Paradigm
Randall Hansen, University of Toronto
/ Video 1 (57 mb), Video 2 (71 mb)

Immigration and Mental Health
Canadian School of Public Service ~ Ottawa 28 February 2008
Nazilla Khanlou, RN, PhD1 1 Health & Wellbeing Domain Leader , CERIS – The Ontario Metropolis Centre Associate Professor, LSB Faculty of Nursing & Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto

Presentation / Video 1 (36 mb) , Video 2 (30 mb) / Flash 1

Canada's New Diaspora: A Policy Challenge for Canada?
Don DeVoretz

Reasonable Accommodation in Public Institutions:
Is the Bouchard-Taylor Report a Realistic Option?

Marie McAndrew
Presentation / Video 1 (53 mb), Video 2 (81 mb) /   Flash 1, Flash 2

Ask the Experts

Question: As a result of recent developments in Surrey, BC and Toronto, there have been claims in the media that Sikh extremism is on the rise in Canada. One of the explanations put forward is that “Canada’s polite brand of multiculturalism policy gives extremists the space to nurture old grudges brought from their homelands.” Can we make a link between multiculturalism and extremism? Is there really a surge in Sikh extremism? If there is, what are other potential explanations for an alleged surge in hatred between or within ethnic groups that could threaten Canada’s social cohesion or lead to violence? Is this reported hatred home-grown or is it the result of an imported conflict? Are there other ethno-cultural groups at risk?
Article of Interest
Reponses:   Baha Abu-lahan, Paul Bramadat, Lorne Dawson, Jagjeet Kaur, Phil Ryan

Question: On May 22, 2008, the Commissioners Gérard Bouchard and Charles Taylor tabled their final report entitled Fonder l’avenir : Le temps de la conciliation. After having surveyed the Quebec population by organizing public hearings in all the regions and compiled position papers drafted by citizens, they made eighty-four recommendations. These relate to the learning of diversity, harmonization practices, immigrant integration, interculturalism, French language, inequalities and discrimination, laicity, and research to further. Two years later, in the midst of a new debate on the wearing of the niqab in certain areas of the public space (like in public teaching establishments), what is the relevance of Taylor and Bouchard’s recommendations towards this specific issue? Are the Quebec society common values, and their application, being redefined in the province’s institutions?
Reponses:   Gilles Paquet, Maryse Potvin

Question: The Canadian census of 2006 reports that 16.2% of the Canadian population are members of a visible minority. This represents one in six Canadians. By 2017, Statistics Canada predicts that Canada's visible minority population will number 1 in 5. What implications does this development have for public policy on immigration, integration and diversity? What should policy makers be attending to?
Answers: Randall Hansen, , Dan Heibert, , Annick Germain

Question: Based on the 2006 Census, Statistics Canada reported, "Earnings disparities between recent
immigrants and Canadian-born workers increased not only during the two previous decades, but also between 2000 and 2005." Why is this happening and can we expect the trend to slow or to continue?

Answers: Don Devoretz,  Valerie Preston


10th National Metropolis ConferenceHalifax, Nova Scotia ~ April 2008
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View the plenary session on CPAC

11th National Metropolis Conference – Calgary, Alberta ~ March 2009
Workshop Presentations

12th Interational Metropolis Conference – Melbourne, Australia ~ October 2007
Phillipe Legrain - Migration and the Global Economy
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13th  International Metropolis Conference – Bonn, Germany ~ October 2008
Mobility, Integration and Development in a Globalised World
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14th  International Metropolis Conference – Copenhagen Denmark ~ September 2009
Migration and Mobility, National Responses to Cultural Diversity
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Bridging The Gap

Metropolis hosted seminar on Sikh Diaspora
November 14, 2007, Toronto, Ontario
The Ontario Metropolis Centre hosted visiting scholar Harpreet Kaur and her presentation, Diaspora Nationalism – A case study of Sikhs.

Full document

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