Economic and Labour Market Integration
At least since the early 1990s, the economic well-being of recent immigrants to Canada has declined and we have seen evidence of a continuation of comparative economic disadvantage for members of minorities.

  Metropolis Liaison:
  David Neligan
  Priority Leader:
  Ana Ferrer
University of Calgary
  Domain Leaders:
  Ather H. Akbari
Saint Mary’s University
  Sébastien Arcand
HEC Montréal
  Tony Fang
York University
  David Jacks
Simon Fraser University
  Philip Kelly
York University
  Lori Wilkinson
University of Manitoba
  Ted McDonald
University of New Brunswick

Wei Li, Alex Oberle and Gary Dymski.  Global Banking and Financial Services to Immigrants in Canada and the United States.


Eric Lui.  A Descriptive Study of Employers' Attitudes and Practices in Hiring Newcomer Job Seekers.


Nong Zhu. Economic Integration of Immigrants: A Process that Changes Over Time.  (Research Capsule).


 Should I Stay or Should I Go?
 A Policy-Research Seminar on
 Temporary Migration

 Memorandum of understanding

 Priority overview & research questions


Research report
Key Findings from the Second Cycle of the Metropolis National Research Competition
Macroeconomic Impacts of Canadian Immigration: An Empirical Analysis Using the FOCUS Model
Complete document

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