Metropolis Policy Priorities

Phase 3 of the Metropolis Project was developed on the basis of evaluations and the collective experience of the Project's stakeholders over the past decade. The principal objective of this phase is to improve the manner in which research is communicated and integrated into policy and program development. In particular, more emphasis has been placed on developing pan-Canadian research along with a strong focus on transmitting it effectively to the federal partners.

To meet this objective, the major federal partners of the Metropolis Project have identified six policy-research priorities ("Priority Areas") for Phase 3. Correspondingly, six Priority Leaders will be identified from within the Centres to ensure that their priority areas will be more visible across Metropolis events and activities. These Priority Leaders will also be tasked with working with the Metropolis Secretariat and federal partners to transfer findings to policy-makers more regularly and effectively. Project stakeholders will have an opportunity to review the six Priority Areas mid-way through Phase 3.

The six Priority Areas for Phase 3 of the Metropolis Project are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Citizenship & Social, Cultural & Civic Integration
  2. Economic and Labour Market Integration
  3. Family Children and Youth
  4. Housing & Neighborhoods
  5. Justice, Policing, & Security
  6. Welcoming Communities: The role of host communities in attracting, integrating, & retaining newcomers and minorities

For additional information on these research priorities, please consult the Memorandum of Understanding between the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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